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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thank you santa!!!

whew it's Christmas day folks
and i just received a gift from Santa himself, I'm serious ^^
well...he looks more slimmer than the real Santa lol

Do you guys remember the entry that I submitted for the Naughty or Nice event on GE?
luckily I was one of the lucky fellows to be given one of the wishes I made for Santa
and on the very first day of the event...booyah!!...

after Santa called for my name and asking me to reply...I immediately respond with a yes!!!! ^^ and then I was teleported to the Pioneering Office at Rebuldeux

and after that,he gave me one of the wish that I asked for.. (woohoo!!)

It's one badass Black Dragon

after receiving the gift, I took some screenshot with the GM monitoring the event inside the Pioneer Office

I wanna thank the GE crew and Santa for hosting a great event and congratulations to the other winners of the event...

well time for me to reach vet level ^^ see yah