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Monday, May 19, 2008

Is it a sign?

I just remembered something that a e-games employee told me when I attended a Cabal Online I-Cafe meeting at Shakey's Espania Branch last Saturday.
It's just a simple phrase..."patay na ang GE" (GE is dead)
well of course i just laugh since i know that guy and maybe it's just some sort of joke...
but as I reflect on the current situation the GE PH community is facing, could it be true?...
maybe it's a hint that GE PH will be killed by the hands of E-Games mmmm?

the conclusion to this phrase will depend on E-Games plans...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

the 6 worst MMOs

While surfing at the net, I found an article posted by mmocrunch
It's about the top 6 worst MMOs of all time,
and I'll give you some hints on who's included on the list... =)

1 popular console RPG turned online
1 popular movie franchise
2 MMOs available locally
2 errr not so familiar MMOs

curious?...well now, I'll just show only 2 of the games which is also available in the Philippines

Ranking on number 3 is Lineage II by AMDG

I know some fanboys will react on these...
well anyway this are the factors on why L2 sucks (comments provided by Gamespy)

  • Terrible for small party/casual players
  • lag in graphically complicated areas
  • poor chat system and guild management tools
  • minimal character customization
L2 once had 2.2 million subscribers worldwide, but because the game did not live up to the hype,
it drop to just over a million subscribers

*Personal Notes:

Although I haven't played this game, the only thing that I like in this game is the graphics.
But sometimes graphics isn't everything, in my opinion, gameplay is more important than graphics and not to mention the uniqueness of the game. If the graphics is so amazing, I'd rather watch it ^^ well since it's good enough to watch than to play.
Since the gameplay is also similar to traditional MMOs in the market, there's nothing new to anticipate on this game. And this game is all about grinding, and by the way, this game is on a Pay to Play model, so expect lots of money to disappear in your pockets ^^

Next on number 2 is RF Online from Level Up! Games

again many players would have mix reactions to this game, and these are the reasons why it made it to top 2...(courtesy of Gamespot)
  • Low-level quests are generic and boring
  • Traveling around the world is painfully slow
  • Very little variety in terms of items, quests, classes, and enemies
  • Bland environments.
RF online was once on a Pay to Play business model (and not to mention, the most expensive local MMO P2P game), now it's a Free to Play game

*Personal Notes:

It may have a unique theme (Sci-Fi theme) , but it still lacks content.

The game's gameplay is not that exciting, although it's a purely pvp MMO, the gamplay is plainly point and click. Aside from mediocre gameplay, the game's a grindfest, meaning you have to invest a lot of time and money just to gain a high level character, and imagine how much you'll cough up your wallet when it was on its p2p days.

The job system may be unique from traditional Korean MMOs, but it's function are still similar to ordinary MMOs while the race system is almost "borrowed" from World of Warcraft.
The quest are very few and boring, there's no additional quest aside form to quest you recieve every time you level up.

The only good points on this game is the intense pvp war (that is called Chip Wars) everyday and the constant change of the game's economy causing the increase or decrease of tax in the market.
Nonetheless, this game can be considered on a "average" rating.

So there you have it, I'm not being biased or one sided just because I'm playing Granado Espada.
I'm only pinpointing the bad stuffs that I encounter while playing these games and from experiences from my fellow gamers.

and yes, these games are popular in our country, many gamers are playing these games, but not all of them are satisfied with the game, mainly, these players are still playing them because of the money and time they have invested, or because the players are very competitive or maybe because their friends are playing it, regardless on the quality of the game.

But trust me, once you tried different MMOs available inside and outside our country, you'll gonna say that these games are not the best after all.

(the ratings and rankings are based from gamerankings.com and from other popular game review sites)

you can visit the full article of mmocrunch by clicking here

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

WHY do these companies DON'T give a DAMN

this is what i've notice on the mmo community, not only in GE but also in some international mmos (well since our GE's server is based on singapore, GE can be included as international) our local distributors DON'T GIVE A DAMN in promoting and improving the ph community on international MMOs.

If you notice in LUG(Level up games), they have the license to distribute silk pts. to Silkroad online, but do they even care on promoting the game?...2 major events have past on LUG(level up live! 2006 and 2007) but not a single event is dedicated to Silkroad, and also check out their website for Silkroad,no upate news..wow Next one is EVE Online from mobius, if you check on thier website, you'll see that there's even no update about EVE online, and also try visiting their forums, the EVE's thread is so few and outdated, and i haven't even saw a poster for EVE online being posted around manila.

They should've help promote these games to the local gamers since these can help prove to other countries that we are also competitive and we can also prove that we can be on top...take a look at GE, from the previous FFA (fantazzztic film awards), the majority of the winners are filipinos, and how about the war of the factions? most of the winners and finalist are pinoys. Imagine in these scenario...What if the ph players compete in an international tournament and won, will e-games give a damn to them? or maybe they'll just say congratulations to them that's all...
the lack of GVC distibution is already a sign that e-games doesnt give a damn to the GE players. and also the lack of promotions about the game,i once played GE on a shop at QC and majority of the players there doesn't even know GE but they were interested on trying it.

so the question here is WHY? WHY don't these companies promote international hosted games although they have the license to distribute item mall merchendise and game cards? is it because they won't earn big money? if so why do they even bother getting the game? is it because there are only few players interested on these games? then they prioritize in promoting the game

so WHY WHY WHY...that is the big question...

so the only hope for these games are the players itself...the players who dedicate their time in making the community. the players who proved to the world that we can be the best of the best, the players who should have the respect and honor they deserve for their dedication

kudos to the players who still love the game although the local distributor of the game doesn't give a damn..and to those heartless game distributors and game companies...screw you!!

ninemoons made an article about her rants in the GVCs and her never-ending love for SGE

and also Sigrid's love for GE, she made some logos and avatars

Monday, May 5, 2008

Granado Espada is one of the 9 free MMOs worth playing

wow GE was selected as one of the nine free massively multiplayer online (MMO) games worth plaing by PCGamer magazine in America. from their latest issue, the guys at PCGamer played and tested 60 different free mmos and selected 9 that are really worth playing.

and from the 9 selected, Granado Espada was surprisingly included in the list, although they played the US server (Sword of the New World), the gamplay is still similar with our server.
This is what they have to say about GE:

"An MMORPG with an anime look that at one point had a monthly fee but is now free to play. Sword of the New World allows you to control up to 3 characters which separates it from all the other MMOs out there."

other notable games included in the top 9 are Cabal online which will start it's close beta testing on May 15 by e-games and Mythos from Flagship Studios and it was develop by the creators of Diablo.

for the full details you can visit mmocrunch's article

you can still buy the latest issue of PCGamer on Powerbooks and National Bookstore