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Friday, April 11, 2008

@ Domination II

whew sorry for the delay... kinda busy this week...
coz it's my finals week hihih

All gamers of E-games have gathered together of one day of non stop entertainment, lots of freebies and a touch of cosplay and don't forget some band performance.

the E-Games Donimation II was held at the SMX convention center at the Mall of Asia

Let's form... SMX force!! (WTF!!!)

We arrived at 9:45am and woah! the line is so long it almost reach the other building, and worst part is that our pre-reg form is useless since they're doing the old fashion way (that is you still have to fall in line like the rest of the people and wait till you can fill up a registration form and show it at the entrance) oh well... we were inside the event at 11:45 am (took us almost 2 hours of waiting outside, luckily there are some free drinks from the sponsors ^^

Into the gates of games

Inside the venue, we were met by some of our former and current factionmates and fellow bloggers. And also Miss Hrin was at the event with the IAH team.
There are contest and activities on the GE booth like the faction banner contest, pvp tourneys and the Live Adelina's Booty.

and off course the awarding of the most loyal and active Factions and the GE Community heroes.

Posing with Sigrid and Kincaid

All Hail to the Covenant
(left to right: Forjadorluna, POTAs, Reizei™, Blacksword, Nicotina, Sigrid, Kincaid, Mitchin and Kurse)

Woohoo go Outcasts

i don't have much time to tour the whole event since there's so many people inside
and Congrats to all the winners in the activities and awardees in the GE Community Heroes and especially to the Outcasts faction for winning the Most Loyal Faction and also the Faction Banner.

for the full coverage of Domination II, you can visit the following blogs:

Philippine Community Manager Veya

you can also visit granadoespadaph.mulitply.com for the list of winners in the events

well then, till next time...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Pink Five Chapter 3

looks like the updates of PF (Pink Five) is getting frequent now lol
well anyway here's the latest chapter of Pink Five

English at it's BEST

hay... eto na naman ang bagong episode ng ating bida na si Pink Five dahil sa marami rami na rin ang tumatangkilik at 2 lang ang nangungulit na gumawa ako ng bagong storya...

Isang araw sa english classroom nila PF. "tagal naman ng prof natin." sabi ni Master Idol (which is inintroduce ko nung 2nd eps). "oo nga!" sagot ni FAFs (classmate din ni PF). biglang bukas ng pintuan at presto dumating na ang ating bida.kasama ang isa pa nilang comrades na si BORDS fresh from visayas. (si Bords ay isa ring survivor at extender sa larangan ng kurso nila) at sila ang pinakamaaga sa mga na lalate. "YOW!!" bati ni Pink Five. sabay tango ni master idol at ni Fafs. "bords anu baleta? anu miron ngayun deto?. baket parang nagre-red(read) ang mga clasmate naten...? "ask ni bords sa dalawa. sasagot na sana si fafs ng biglang banat ni PF.... "ahahahahaaahh! meron pala tayong suprise recitation...." napakamot si Master Idol sa narinig.(suprise recitaion? suprise exam narinig ko na.) "bords revs tayu para may masagut tayu." sabi ni bords. "waG na.."sabi ni Pink Five. Pero kung iisipin ng tatlo si PF lang ang kailangan mag review dahil sa kanilang apat siya ang tagilid sa subject nila. Dumating na ang prof nila at nagsimula ng magtawag ng mga students para sumagot sa surprise recitation nila. From english words dapat ipaliwang nila sa tagalog. Marami ang tinawag at nakasagot at ng ang apat na ang tinawag. "what is the tagalog term of contemplate?" ask ng english prof kay Fafs. "ahmmm, sir .. what do you call this..~" sagot ni Fafs. " you! siting beside him." ask uli ni engprof kay Master Idol. "sir dont know eh." sagot ni master idol. "how about you with a funny face?" ask ni eng prof kay bords. "come again...pardon" sagot ni bords. "ah don't sit until you hear the question." galit na sagot ni eng prof. "how about you. whats the tagalog term of contemplate?" tanong ni engprof kay PF. "Kulang ang plato." sagot ni PF (contemplate = konti ang plate) XD... nagulat si prof at nagtataka kung anong klaseng sagot un. "hmmm. how about tenacious?" tanong uli ni engprof. " sir eng eng ano ata yun. hmmm. tenacious is sapatos na pang tennis." (tenacious = tennis shoes) XD.. "hmmm anong klaseng sagot un, san nya nakuha un" pagdududa ni engprof. "how about punctuation?(tignan ko lang kung masagot pa niya ito..har har har har. cough cough cough. ehemmm)" added question at sa isip ni engprof. "sir eng eng a, ah, punctuation ay, pera pang enrol" (punctuation = pang tuition, ibig sabhin ni PF)XD... "oh my God what kind of answer is that..." pagkagulat ni eng prof. "how about calculator?" added question ni eng prof. " calculator.. hmmmm. ah.. tawagan kita mamya ha." sagot ni PF at sabay tawa ng mga clasmate niya." (calculator = call you later). "what the!!!. Devastation. what's devastation?" added question ni eng prof. "hay. si prof eng eng naman. hmm ano nga ba yun. devastation..hmmm ah. ang istasyon ng bus." sagot ni PF. (devastation = the bus station) tawanan uli ang mga classmate ni PF na talaga namang kinagalit ni engprof.."grrrr. how about aspect? what' is aspect" added question ni engprof. "hay sir eng eng talaga. aspect..." sagot at buntong hiningi ni PF." aspect... pantusok ng yelo." sagot ni PF. (aspect = ice pick)(di ko alm spelling ng ice pick kayo na lang magcorrect). "grrrrr(naiinis na ko sa estudyante na to failing garate to pag mali pa ang sinagot nito)" sa isip at diwa ni sir eng eng.. este ni engprof. "hey . you again what is city?" added Q ni prof eng. "sir last na to ayoko na, iba naman. city. hmmm a ok..alm ko na. city.. numero bago mag otso" proud na sagot ni PF (city = syete) galit na galit si eng prof na halos makapatay na siya sa kanyang pagtingin. tila ba na sinasapian siya sa galit kay PF samantalang si PF at ang mga kasama niya ay tawa ng tawa.

Ang outcome ng recitation.... binigyan ng failing grades ni engprof si PF. at talagang failing grades dahil sa mga pinagsasagot ng ating bida.Si master idol, fafs at si bords ay nakalusot sa galit ni sir eng eng. Huwag sana nating gayahin ito at mag aral tayong mabuti.

2 years ago nabasa ko ang text message na ito...hay. until now nasa inbox ko pa rin. aheheheeheheheheh. XD.

if you want to know more about Pink Five, just find this picture at friendster hehehehehe

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Holy Smokes Batman!!! I've been Blogspotted!!!!

Wow!!!! I've never thought that my guide on conventions and events would be blogspotted XD

While I was logging my Yahoo! Messenger, I noticed some message from my buddies congratulating me, wondering what did I won, I was about to log on to the GE website till Fiksdotter PM'ed me and saying that I was blogspotted XD

thanks to Miss Hrin and company for blogspotting me

and thanks to everyone who supported me and also to the readers who enjoyed my articles

you can read my winning article here XD

well then folks till next time XD

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Player's Guide to Conventions and Events

Greetings pips,
I know everyone has been to a convention before. May it be about Comics, Cars, Animes, Video Games especially Online Games. And of course some haven't been to these kind of events.

So here are some tips and guides to help you guys enjoy on your adventures ^^
for first timers and veterans

On the day before the event, be sure to pack up some of the things you need.

1. Bring a bag, especially if your gonna grab alot of freebies or buying alot of merchandise, and in case their free paper bag is already full.

2. Bring extra money, lots of extra money (harhar), because you'll never know what stuffs are waiting for you, it could be a limited edition item or maybe that cool toy that you're dying to have is now for sale with a discounted price.

3. If you're gonna withdraw some money at the ATM, do it the day before the event. coz chances are that the ATMs at the event or any nearest malls are already piled up with people getting some cash or worse, the ATMs could be offline.

4. Wear comfortable clothes, unless you're a contestant in a cosplay, wear comfy clothes like T-shirt and pants because there will be alot of people in events so chances are it could be really hot especially if the event's held outside.

5. Bring a pen and papers or better if you bring 2 pens, since all conventions and events requires you to fill up a registration form, so you don't need to bother asking sometime to borrow an extra pen.

6. Bring some items that are required for the event like IDs, game cards, etc.

7. Bring a camera or a camcorder, so you can take pictures and videos with your friends at the event for some precious moments ^^

8. Bring your cellphone so you can contact your friends (IRL or IGL) on where you guys will meet or in case you got lost, and don't forget to load up your phone with credits. Believe me it sucks when you bring your phone without load.

On the day of the event and when you're on your way to the venue

9. Be sure that you know where the venue is because it's really hard if you get lost and you're all alone.

10. If you're bringing a car, be sure to have a full-tank gas, and be sure to use the best route to the venue to save gas. and bring along your friends so they can save money.

11. If you're commuting,be sure you know what transport you're gonna ride to get there and take the fastest transport (like the MRT or LRT) if the venue is near a train station or if you have extra cash, take a taxi.

If you're gonna meet up with your friends before heading to the event

12. Set up a schedule on where and what time will you and your friends will meet, so all of you can go the event together.

13. And be sure to be early, you might miss some fun happenings when you came up late like freebies, raffles, registration for tournaments etc.

If you're going to set up an EyeBall (or meeting up someone you met from the game, Internet)

14. Be sure that have their cellphone numbers so you set up a meeting place.

15. Ask them what clothes are they going to wear like a green t-shirt, blue polo etc so you'll know if your meeting with the right person.

16. And of course ask for their real names, it's really silly if gonna call him/her his/her IGN in the public if his/her IGN was Dorkmaster99181 or Hotchick564 or HokageNinja112. XD

So you're now at the event with your friends don't forget...

17. Be sure to be polite with other people, don't be jackass especially when falling in line because you might end up with a bruise on your face.

18. Ask before you grab something on the booth, coz it might not be free on not for sale, or if it's expensive and you break it, you're gonna pay it.

19. If you want to take pictures with a celebrity, ask nicely, don't just take stolen shots, you could piss them off.

20. Be sure to participate on every activities and raffles, you'll never know if you're that lucky person to win that super fast PC or maybe that brand new MP3 player.

so there you have it, and don't forget to ENJOY on the event or convention
well then, till next time ^^

oh by the way, don't forget to join us on April 6 at the SMX in Mall of Asia for the E-games Domination Event