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Thursday, December 20, 2007

pinoy movie with a twist of sci-fi

Greetings earthlings...
While I was browsing on the net (well GE still in maintenance for the newest patch)
I saw a trailer of a pinoy movie in youtube
the movie is entitled "Resiklo"

it's directed by Mark Reyes and starring Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr.

The story revolves around the aftermath of the alien invasion that destroyed almost the whole world,
and a group of survivors must survive by robots they have engineered from recycled parts of derelict everyday machines and military components.

well at the first glance of the trailer, the CGs are impressive for a pinoy movie
(now that's a big lead for us lol)
I only hope that the scripts are good

the robots reminds me of the mechs in Mechwarrior
and some scenes are bit Matrixish ^^

so anyway the movie will be showing on December 25 as an official entry for the Metro Manila Film Festival

so here's the trailer of Resiklo

you can visit the official site at http://www.resiklo.com/

and by the way, resiklo is a filipino word for recycle
well now, it's time for me to wait for GE to open again...see yah ^^