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Monday, March 30, 2009

The Periodic Table of Gaming

Bored of the same old Periodic Table of Elements?
Tired of seeing the bland and boring layout of the periodic table?
Then if you want to spiced up your chemistry subject, the dudes at iheartchaos.com made a really cool periodic table of video game characters for you

I know some of you will say, "dude, Batman isn't a video game character" well ya, he's a comic book character, but Batman has some kickass games on the NES and SNES, so he's definitely count as a video game character.

And here's another Periodic Table from Pixel Fantasy but this time instead of gaming characters, this dude uses controllers of gaming consoles and handhelds

although this version is not the actual periodic table, but the idea of compiling the different controllers was really cool

so there you have it, stay tuned for more cool stuffs in gaming in the future
till next time...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

GE diary

If you noticed that on the Fanart contest for Granado Espada
CM Aethrin mentioned that the prize for that contest will include the Limited Edition 2009 Granado Espada Diary

Last 2008 CM Hrin showcased the GE Diary on her blog
and NineMoons is the only person in the Philippines who owns the diary

I was able to received the 2009 GE diary thanks to CM Hrin ^^
so for the players who are eager to see the diary , here's some the pics..enjoy

Sunday, March 22, 2009

3rd Granado Espada PH Community Gathering Aftermath

Last saturday, the Granado Espada players held their 3rd Community Gathering on Phooze net cafe at the Anonas Complex in Quezon City.

pics courtesy of EldeonRose

The gathering started around 12pm, long time players were present and there were also new faces that appeared on the said gathering

The players discussed about their gaming experience and also some of their problems with the game, they also gave some suggestions of activities and contest for the upcoming E-Games Domination on April 4 at the SMX convention

We also held a trivia contest for the players with some yummy prizes that were given away to them (thanks to CM Hrin and CM Aethrin for the prizes)

This is the 3rd Granado Espada gathering that the players had organized since December 2008

Also last March 7, players from Baguio were able to prepare a small GE gathering at Crashproof Computer Center in Baguio City.

The gathering was hosted by Nico (Stiles Family)

Many thanks to the players who attended the 3rd GE gathering (sorry if I wasn't able post some of your pics here and to others who weren't able to take a picture)
Also many thanks to IAH Games and E-Games (finally) for their support to the GE community

Monday, March 16, 2009

Join the 3rd GE PH Community Gathering

We will be having a 3rd Granado Espada Philippine Community Gathering
on March 21, 2009 (that's a Saturday folks) at Phooze Cafe 2nd flr Anonas Complex, Anonas St., Quezon City

We'll be inviting the GE cosplayers , bloggers and gamers to join the said outing

This'll be the chance that we can discuss more on GE related problems and suggestions that you can share that will benefit the community

  • Players can suggest activities that they want to see on the upcoming E-games Domination event.
  • GE cosplayers can discuss in the gathering on their preparations for the Domination event.
  • We'll also going to have a really unique 1 on 1 PVP contest that's gonna be a real challenge even to veteran PVP players

for more details, you can contact me on my YM account

Reimaru: blacksword_45@yahoo.com

You can visit the discussion thread of the community gathering here
hope to see you in the community outing

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Final Fantasy Meets Tower Defense

What happens when Final Fantasy goes overboard and turned into a tower defense game

Well, Square-Enix made that crazy idea and created Crystal Defenders which is available for the Wiiware (for Nintendo Wii) and also...for the IPhone and IPod Touch, with follow up releases for the Xbox Live Arcade (for Xbox 360) and for the PlayStation Network (for the PlayStation 3)

The gameplay and concept is similar to a traditional tower defense game
(you defend your base from incoming attackers by setting up towers on the road, you can also upgrade your towers for higher damage, of course the attackers get tougher after a number of waves)

Crystal Defenders takes place after the events of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift and features units from the Final Fantasy Tactics series. The objective of the game is for the player to stop waves of monsters from stealing a cache of crystals in a maze by strategically positioning units to destroy them before they escape with their loot. Each unit has their own special attributes, and have particular strengths and weakness against certain enemies. The game features 300 stages spread across three chapters of increasing challenge

pics and sources from siliconera.com

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Salute to Francis Magalona

Yesterday we lost a great man in the music industry, a great man who was also known as The Man from Manila, the Master Rapper.

Francis Magalona also known as FrancisM, a prominent Filipino rapper, songwriter, producer, actor, director, and photographer. Often hailed as the "King of Pinoy Rap", he was considered a legend in the Philippine music community.

With the success of his earliest albums, he was the first Filipino rapper in the Philippines cross over to the mainstream. He is also credited for having pioneered the merging of rap with Pinoy rock, becoming a significant influence to artists in that genre as well. He was also a popular television host, notably on MTV Asia where he served as one of the channel's first Filipino VJs, and on noontime variety television show Eat Bulaga!.

Francis Magalona died on March 6, 2009 at the age of 44 due to acute myelogenous leukemia.

For me he is the only pinoy rapper whose music is worth listening and his music is the only rap music that shows true patriotism to his country

His great legacy will forever be in our hearts...
Rest in peace Master Rapper

you can also visit Francis Magalona's blog to pay your respects


Pics from binoq of PinoyPSP and FrancisM's mulitply site
source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Magalona

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Season of Fullmetal Alchemist

Yes that's right folks, a new season of Fullmetal Alchemist is scheduled to be aired on April 2009.

In the 20th volume of the manga, creator Arakawa announced that a second Fullmetal Alchemist anime television series is currently being produced. Bones would produce the new series with Yasuhiro Irie as director and Hiroshi Ōnogi as writer. It was subsequently announced through various trailers on MBS and TBS's broadcasts of the Sunrise series Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and the series' official website, that the new series would premiere on April 5, 2009 on MBS-TBS' Sunday 5:00 pm JST anime timeblock, replacing Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and that voice actors Romi Park and Rie Kugimiya would reprise their roles as main characters Edward and Alphonse Elric respectively.

Here's the teaser trailer of Fullmetal Alchemist

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fullmetal_Alchemist