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Saturday, December 1, 2007

[IMPORTANT] Announcement from IAHGames

Granado Espada has turned from pay-to-play to free-to-play
now that's a big surpirse for Christmas ^^
well here are some info regarding the F2P announcement.

Conversion to Free-to-Play Game Service

IAHGames is pleased to announce that Granado Espada would become a “Free-to-play” online game service. This is in line with Granado Espada’s global direction.

The actual day of F2P will be announced shortly.

Loyalty Reward Package Giveaway

In a move to reward GE gamers for their support of IAHGames’ first online game, a special “Loyalty Reward Package” will be given away for free.

If you have topped-up at least one GVC from 30th August 2007 to F2P Day or have previously been rewarded with the 90 days free game play time, you will be eligible to receive the “Loyalty Reward Package” containing:

5 x Enhancement Tranquilizers
5 x Enhancement Boosters
5 x Soul Crystals
5 x Hrin’s Potions
1 x Combat Manual Expert (30 days)
1 x Tactics Manual (15 days)
1 x Forgotten Territory Pass

The giveaway will be put in effect on F2P Day during the scheduled maintenance.

Game Time Conversion Program

All gamers who have remaining game time in their account will have the game value converted to G-points.

-IAHGames will convert 1 day of game time to 30 G-points.
-A round-up policy will be applied, i.e. If you have 10.3 days left, we will round it up to 11 days.
-The conversion will be performed on the F2P day during the scheduled maintenance.

New Granado Espada Content and Activities for 2008

We have a lot of stuff prepared for the whole of 2008. Looking at the list, it’ll be a fun-filled 2008 for Granado Espada. New Activities

-GE Comic Artist Competition - GE Gamers will try their hands at creating their own comic strips using GE characters.
-Veteran Club - A select club only for the experts of GE. Members will enjoy monthly benefits.
-Valentines’ Day Event - Are you in the mood for love?
-The Summer Bikini Babes - Granado Espada’s very own Bikini Babe Pageant

source: http://ge.iahgames.com/en/news/?aid=403&sec=1&ssec=4