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Friday, November 7, 2008

The Ups and Downs of Granado Espada

After the release of Granado Espada V2.9

there are many things that causes some violent responses in the sudden change on the game

one of them is the removal of the 15 days and 30 days Combat Manual (which gives players +25%, 50% and 100% experience points increase) and left only the one day Combat Manual

and even the Pioneer Kits which includes the 15/30 days CMs was also removed from the Item Mall
now many players complain because of the sudden removal since it's very expensive to buy a single day CMs than buying the 15/30 days CMs

and because of this, many complain threads are sprouting in the GE forums, and now the admins have posted their reason on the removal of the CM

*Thread posted by Mordial

Originally Posted by Kaioujin
Let me clarify some misunderstandings.

SoTNW has 15 days and 30 days CM/TM.
jGE has 15 days and 30 days CM/TM.
cGE has 15 days and 30 days CM/TM.
kGE has 15 days and 30 days CM/TM.

However, if you realized, all of them are running at 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% EXP increase only.

Here's the proof.

If you recall, sGE is running at 50%, 80% and 100% EXP increase.

Here's the proof again.

Now, tell me, if you were IMC, and sGE was running that EXP event in addition with this CM/TM that were different from the other regions, what would you do?

The point is, we fought for the EXP event to be permanent coz we felt that the SEA gamers are more casual and that the increased EXP will help many SEA gamers get to the end-game content easier.

We managed to fight for it, but the backlash was that they wanted to remove ALL the CM/TM and replace them with the 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% version like the other regions.

Of course, we didn't want that bcoz that would definitely make things difficult for many of our SEA gamers. So we had a truce with IMC, and that was to let us keep the 50%, 80% and 100% version in a shorter period.

Another problem is the lack of update in the Item of the Month,
the current IotM is still the 40 pcs. Enhancement Boosters (which increases the success rate to enhance your weapons and armors) which was implemented last July

and yet it's already four months and still there's no poll thread (which is posted every month to vote on which item will be implemented on the upcoming month) for the Item of the Month

Well of course this doesn't mean that it's all bad news,
GE SEA/ANZ is still giving us some good news

and one of them is the Epoints to Gpoints conversion.
This means that you can purchase E-Games' Epoints card and turn it into Granado Espada Gpoints, no need to look for hard to reach GE cards just to top up your gpoints

*you can visit the GE thread of the epoints to gpoints discussion here

and also there's an announcement from CM Aethrin that Filipino GE players can purhcase the 70k gpoints in the future (so let's cross our fingers for that)

*sources from NineMoons' Post

Another good news is that the Adelina's Booty Search just made an update,
and surprisingly, the loots are really worth the wait

lots of players are overwhelmed with the recent update on the loots

forum discussion on the Adelina's Booty Search

so what's the future for GE?

well aside from the latest V3.1 patch in Korea GE, NineMoons posted about the beta test of GEMOCON; which is a GE web controller where you can access your characters remotely, KGE and JGE will be the first to try this new program. For more info you can visit NineMoons' post

I'll give more updates on GE in the future

till next time....