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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Granado Espada featured in a School Publication

Last Saturday, November 15,2008, while grinding my main team to expert, one of my classmate just told me that Granado Espada was featured in latest issue of The Cursor, the official student publication of FEU-East Asia College (which is my school)

After that, I managed to grab a copy from our school to check it out,
it turns out that the writer played in the US version of GE (which is Sword of The New World)
where he also mentioned in the article, there is also some corrections in the said article.
K2 Network is not a Korean developer, it's the publisher of Sword of the New World (US GE)
IMC Games is the Korean developer that created GE and IAH games is the publisher of the South East Asia GE ( IAH is in charge of the SEA server which includes the Philippines, E-Games' job is to promote GE in our country)

Article from The Cursor

Kudos to the writer for featuring this very unique and amazing game, I hope this will help promote GE to my school ^_^

you can visit The Cursor's official website: http://thecursor.multiply.com