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Thursday, June 5, 2008

What If Special Part 1

Hello again everyone, although the next patch, V2.5 will delayed for quite some time.
I decided to kill some time by cooking up some ideas...
like what if Granado Espada has this kind of blah blah...so the What If Special is born.
this idea was inspired from the What If Comics from Marvel, for more info about the comic, you can visit this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/What_If_(comics)
the four part special will be posted every week of June

(Warning: the following feature is only fictional, this will never appear in future GE versions, this feature is only meant for entertainment)

So let's begin the first part....

What if...Granado Espada has this kind of feature in-game:

The Trinity Bond

A bonus buff is given to a family depending on what kind of characters are in the team,
these stats varies on what kind of character combination the family used.
The Trinity Bond can be attained thru a specific quest and can be activated when all characters in the team are level 50,
the buff increases at levels 75, Veteran and Expert.

Here are the following character combinations for the Trinity Bond:

Buff Name: The Firing Squad
Characters: 3 Musketeer
Level 50: +3% Attack, -3 DEF
Level 76: +5% Attack, -5 DEF
Veteran: +7% Attack, -7 DEF, +5 Critical, -5 Accuracy
Expert: +9% Attack, -9 DEF, +10 Critical, -10 Accuracy

Buff Name: The Rescue Knights
Characters: 2 Rescue Knight, Romina,
Level 50: +3 DEF, -3% Movement Speed
Level 75: +5 DEF, -5% Movement Speed
Veteran: +7 DEF, -7% Movement Speed, +5 Block, -3% Attack Speed
Expert: +9 DEF, -9% Movement Speed, +7 Block, -5% Attack Speed

Buff Name: Heavy Hitters
Characters: Claude Baudez, Grandice, Alejandro
Level 50: +3% Attack, -3% Attack Speed
Level 75: +5% Attack, -5% Attack Speed
Veteran: +7% Attack, -7% Attack Speed, +2% Life steal, -250 HP
Expert: +9% Attack, -9% Attack Speed, +4% Life steal, -500 HP

Buff Name: The Three Chapters
Characters: Irawan, Feng Ling, Baek Ho
Level 50: +5% Attack Speed, -5 DEF
Level 75: +7% Attack Speed, -7 DEF
Veteran: +9% Attack Speed, -9 DEF, +5% Attack, -200 HP
Expert: +11% Attack Speed, -11 DEF, +7& Attack, -400HP

Buff Name: Battle Fortress
Characters: Jack, Diego, Angie
Level 50: +5 DEF, -5% Movement Speed
Level 75: +7 DEF, -7% Movement Speed
Veteran: +9 DEF, -9% Movement Speed, +5% Casting Rate, -5% Summon Duration
Expert: +11 DEF, -11% Movement Speed, +8 Casting Rate, -8% Summon Duration

Buff Name: Army of Strings
Characters: 3 Catherine the Summoner
Level 50: +5 DEF, -5% Movement Speed
Level 75: +7 DEF, -7% Movement Speed
Veteran: +9 DEF, -9% Movement Speed, +5% Summon Attack, -5% Summon Duration
Expert: +11 DEF, -11% Movement Speed, +8% Summon Attack, -8% Summon Duration

Buff Name: Blade Dancers
Characters: Adelina, Najib, Lisa
Level 50: +5% Attack Speed, -5% Movement Speed
Level 75: +7% Attack Speed, -7% Movement Speed
Veteran: +9% Attack Speed, -9% Movement Speed, 5% Attack, -5 DEF
Expert: +11% Attack Speed, -11% Movement Speed, +7% Attack, -7 DEF

Buff Name: Young Blood
Characters: Ramiro, Tiburon, Vikki
Level 50: +5% Attack, -5% Movement Speed
Level 75: +7% Attack, -7% Movement Speed
Veteran: +9% Attack, -9% Movement Speed, +250 HP, -25 SP
Expert: +11% Attack, -11% Movement Speed, +500 HP, -50 SP

Buff Name: Gate Keepers
Characters: Coimbra Trooper, Auch Infantry, Reboldeux Soldier
Level 50: +3% Attack, -3% Attack Speed
Level 75: +5% Attack, -5% Attack Speed
Veteran: +7% Attack, -7% Attack Speed, +10% Damage to Wild Beast, -10% Damage to Undead
Expert: +9% Attack, -9% Movement Speed, +15% Damage to Wild Beast, -15% Damage to Undead

Buff Name: Quick Hands
Characters: Soho, Lisa, Gracielo
Level 50: +5% Attack Speed, -5 DEF
Level 75: +7% Attack Speed, -7 DEF
Veteran: +9% Attack Speed, -9 DEF, +5 Evade, -5 Critical
Expert: +11% Attack Speed, -11 DEF, +10 Evade, -10 Critical

Buff Name: The Barons
Characters: Kurt Lyndon, Edward Jameson
Level 50: +3% Attack, -3 DEF
Level 75: +5% Attack, -5 DEF
Veteran: +7% Attack, -7 DEF, +1 Soul of Grim skill, -1 DR
Expert: +9% Attack, -9 DEF, +1 Soul of Grim skill, -1DR

Buff Name: Royal Guard
Characters: Coimbra Trooper, Fighter, Claude
Level 50: +5 DEF, -5% Attack
Level 75: +10 DEF, -7% Attack
Veteran: +15 DEF, -9% Attack, +1 DR, -1 AR
Expert: +20 DEF, -11% Attack, +1 DR -1 AR

*Side Note:
You can notice that the Kurt and Edward team is the only Buff that requires two characters since only there were only two barons in GE. And to make the Trinity Bond balanced, I added some penalties to every bonus stats, like for example in the "Firing Squad" buff although it increases the attack, it also reduces the defense of the family, while the opposite is affected on the "Royal Guard" buff; it increases the defense by sacrificing the attack of the family, so we can say that the Trinity Bond is like a double-edged sword. Also, the order of the characters doesn't affect the buff as long as you have the right characters.

So far these are the character combinations that I can think of, so if you guys have any comments and suggestions or even any character combination you want to contributed, feel free to comment on this page.

Come back next week for part two of my What If Special, and this time I'll be featuring RNPCs...Till next time

(Pictures courtesy of KGE's official website)

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Rechard, alam mo naman ako. Pag tamad, tamad hahaha

nicolai chiong: What if special
nicolai chiong: Soho, Scout, Lorch
nicolai chiong: The pretty boys
nicolai chiong: fear and stun sa lahat ng dumaan
nicolai chiong: D:
Richard Ramos: XD
Richard Ramos: lagay mo sa comments
Richard Ramos: pra pde ntn icompile
Richard Ramos: lol
nicolai chiong: eh nashshy ako eh
nicolai chiong: kaw na
Richard Ramos: wa heheh
Richard Ramos: ok lng
Richard Ramos: suggest mo lng dun
nicolai chiong: soho scout lorch = naglalakad na status change team
nicolai chiong: kasi their sooooo pretty
Richard Ramos: XD
nicolai chiong: tapos meron din dapat pretty girls
nicolai chiong: bernelli, lisa, and female elem
nicolai chiong: cheer leaders naman sila
nicolai chiong: ay replace scout with rio

hahaha loko loko ka tlga...sipag mo magtype
ok din ung suggestion mo btw
pretty boys and girls lol

ako rin mag-suggest. :D

Teh Boobziez = Triple Female Elems or Any Female Stock in Beachwear attire
addtl bonus: +5% atk inc & atk spd inc.

Pornzorz = Soho the Wind, Irawan in Muay Thai Costume, Oiled Body Scout/Beachwear Male Scout or Male Wiz/Elem/Scout in Beachwear attire
addtl bonus: 20% to stun enemies

heeh ayus yan ah...
prng bagong set ng buffs "the horny buffs" heheh

nice chard hehe

why not make a combination of casters


elem elem elem
wiz wiz wiz
wiz elem emilia [the sage? haha]

ok let's see anu pde...hmmm

elem elem elem it would be a good one if they have a buff wid def+ or dr+ den lower the atk or ar or or +hp lower sp? or hmmm so far un plng

for wiz wiz wiz maybe pde rin ung suggestion ko den meron ung fast casting den lower...kng anu man pde ahahaha

for wiz elem emilia...i don't know what to + and - hehe d ko pa gnun naiicp ^,.,^

OMG anne what is that? O_O

ahahaha nice nice LOL Teh Boobziez and Pornzorz LOL

heheh tnks sa additional suggestions deEspania...loko tlga cla noh? hehehe

Pornzors is da best! ^o^


suggestions ko:

Heavy Artillery: Bernelli or Lorch with Shotgun, Jose Cortasar, and any of the builders who can make the cannon tower things

+ to range and firepower, - to atkspd pero that's normal anyway, cannon and shotguns take a long time to reload between shots.

Hybrid Fighters: Karjalainen, Panfilo, and any character with the Heaven or Hell stance

+ to range for both bullets and magic.

oi, bat walang nag-suggest nito:
Spartans!: Javelin + Shield teams. obvy Vets and up lang pwede.

+ to stun and atk rating.

hey tnks sa suggestion di ko naicip un ah heheh

cge bigay pa kau ng mga suggestions tpos icocompile ko yan after...

get ready for my next part of GE What If Special hehehe

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