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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Abusing your Power

a few hours ago, an incident just occurred in Carracci,
a player was banned for broadcasting his complains regarding how e-games promote GE in thier area.

these are the words the player broadcasted to the game:

broad no.1 : "pwede bang ayusin yun card at poster dito sa region 12"
translation: can you please fix the card and poster (distribution) here in region 2

broad no.2 : "Pwede ayusin yun Cards and Poster sa South Cotabato?"
translation: Please fix the Cards and Poster(distribution) in South Cotabato?

broad no.3: "Diba work ng CM mag Distribute ng cards at poster bakit kami Wala?"
translation: Isn't itthe CM's job to distribute the cards and posters (distribution) how come we don't have it?

after the 3rd broad, the player was banned from using his broadchat

after that many players are complaining that the CM was responsible of banning the player's broad chat

here is the player's pic of his broad chat (there is no notice that his broad is not working but he can't broad his messages)

and these are the other player's reaction after that player was banned from broadcasting his message

so WTF were you thinking?!! it's your job to promote GE, that player was just asking why aren't their any GVC distribution in thier area , then he was banned from broad chatting... is this how you guys solve the promotion problems, or this is how you kill Granado Espada in the Philippines. Now that's a shame, your promotion of Cabal Online was far more better than GE (you even had a TV commercial of Cabal aired almost everyday) but you even comment on your site that "GE is a triple A game" but is your service and promotion of GE Triple A? oh cut the crap will yah...

to CM Veya who was online during that time, will you explain to the players why did you do that?
many players admired you but in return you have to treat them like that? now your abusing your authority as Community Manager

I wouldn't make this article if the problem was just minor, but it isn't, just looking at the current situation the Filipino players are facing, doing such stupid action towards players is unacceptable,
and action you just did really shows that you guys just don't give a damn to us at all...


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I'm not familiar with the issue, specially the player who got banned. But as a GE player and fellow blogger, i have a few sentiments I want to share.

1) It is true that it's a pity if IP E-games can't really fix their service. It's a big insult to Granado Espada.

2) I also think that the player shouldn't have been banned just because of the things he/she broaded. But let's hear out the management's side muna before we jump into conclusions and kill our own kind. I'm not having any sides here, just being transparent para malaman natin kung bakit nga sya ni-ban ni...Veya. (Are you sure sya nga?)

3) Let's investigate this muna. Though we're bloggers who has the right to give our own opinions, i find your article a bit too strong Chado-san. It's best we don't hate so much unless we have evidence or the right. Just concerned dude. Mahirap na baka ikaw din ma-ban. @_@"

Peace tayo. ^_^v

actually i was online the whole time when this happened. I was really sad and very disappointed when it happened because the player was stripped off his power to broad his POV about this matter. He's not even using abusive words yet he was "broad" banned.

sorry if I was a bit too harsh...

pero di na talaga maganda ginagwa ng egames...parang lumalabas na tinatakpan pa nila ang pagpapabaya nila sa GE d2 sa pinas,mataas pa naman ang tingin ko sa kanila kasi akala ko masmagaling pa cla sa LevelUp! Games...pero sa nangyayari ngayon parang pareho na silang kamote...>.<

di naman ako naninira sa egames, gusto ko lang ipakita mga pagkakamali nila para sa susunod makagawa sila ng improvements