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Monday, May 19, 2008

Is it a sign?

I just remembered something that a e-games employee told me when I attended a Cabal Online I-Cafe meeting at Shakey's Espania Branch last Saturday.
It's just a simple phrase..."patay na ang GE" (GE is dead)
well of course i just laugh since i know that guy and maybe it's just some sort of joke...
but as I reflect on the current situation the GE PH community is facing, could it be true?...
maybe it's a hint that GE PH will be killed by the hands of E-Games mmmm?

the conclusion to this phrase will depend on E-Games plans...


whether it is a sign or not is a VERY relevant question. IP e-Games MUST answer for the comment of their EMPLOYEE because it's a very insensitive thing to say, not to mention, hoy, discouragement much?

for GE to be bad-mouthed by an e-Games employee as dead is malicious and totally stupid.