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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

WHY do these companies DON'T give a DAMN

this is what i've notice on the mmo community, not only in GE but also in some international mmos (well since our GE's server is based on singapore, GE can be included as international) our local distributors DON'T GIVE A DAMN in promoting and improving the ph community on international MMOs.

If you notice in LUG(Level up games), they have the license to distribute silk pts. to Silkroad online, but do they even care on promoting the game?...2 major events have past on LUG(level up live! 2006 and 2007) but not a single event is dedicated to Silkroad, and also check out their website for Silkroad,no upate news..wow Next one is EVE Online from mobius, if you check on thier website, you'll see that there's even no update about EVE online, and also try visiting their forums, the EVE's thread is so few and outdated, and i haven't even saw a poster for EVE online being posted around manila.

They should've help promote these games to the local gamers since these can help prove to other countries that we are also competitive and we can also prove that we can be on top...take a look at GE, from the previous FFA (fantazzztic film awards), the majority of the winners are filipinos, and how about the war of the factions? most of the winners and finalist are pinoys. Imagine in these scenario...What if the ph players compete in an international tournament and won, will e-games give a damn to them? or maybe they'll just say congratulations to them that's all...
the lack of GVC distibution is already a sign that e-games doesnt give a damn to the GE players. and also the lack of promotions about the game,i once played GE on a shop at QC and majority of the players there doesn't even know GE but they were interested on trying it.

so the question here is WHY? WHY don't these companies promote international hosted games although they have the license to distribute item mall merchendise and game cards? is it because they won't earn big money? if so why do they even bother getting the game? is it because there are only few players interested on these games? then they prioritize in promoting the game

so WHY WHY WHY...that is the big question...

so the only hope for these games are the players itself...the players who dedicate their time in making the community. the players who proved to the world that we can be the best of the best, the players who should have the respect and honor they deserve for their dedication

kudos to the players who still love the game although the local distributor of the game doesn't give a damn..and to those heartless game distributors and game companies...screw you!!

ninemoons made an article about her rants in the GVCs and her never-ending love for SGE

and also Sigrid's love for GE, she made some logos and avatars


You're correct. Considering that Eve Online is one of the bigger MMOs out there, Mobius is just letting it flush down the drain.

super I share ALL of the sentiments that you posted here.

when I was playing Silk Road naabutan ko pa yung announcement that LUG had become the local payment gateway, but never ever did I hear a peep from them about promoting the game or the local availability of Silk.

and this whole GVCs thing in seaGE is just plain fucken insane, when in hell is IP e-Games gonna give a damn about the players??? >.<

you're right. this campaign is down to us. magkaisa na sana tayong lahat for our beloved game/s.

You know what they should also do (in terms of PH marketing), they should also give out FREE GE INSTALLERS much like what the other MMORPG's do in the gaming magazines like Game! Mag. Just in their May issue, they have free CD's of two online games! Why can't the market (E-Games) do that right?!

iRL and in-game events are really not enough mainly because the only ones who can participate in it are the GE players themselves. No one NEW to it. They should expand and try to entice more players by 1) advertising and 2) FIXING THEIR MAINTENANCE ISSUES!!!




Yun ang lagi kong naririnig sa pakikipagsapalaran ko para makahanap ng GVCs.

i also remember AMDG once promote Guild Wars on 2005 in the Philippines...they have lots of banners at that time and free trial cards, but after a month or two they stop promoting the game until nobody bothers to play the game. 2 Expansions have passed but AMDG never tried promote those expansions to the local community

Which is like... really bad.

Ito kasi yun eh...

Business lagi ang nasa utak, eh laro ang negosyo ninyo!


If you want to have a business that dabbles with games, make sure the games are fun. Because that's what people are paying for.

As for the MMOs, the companies must be rolling in dough because of the players who want to secure their virtual images.

Shiny Pizzaros/Serpent Javelins = Gucci and Prada in real life.

Seriously, those guys must have bought enough g-points to buy all the designer clothes I want. They might even bought enough g-points to buy the consoles we want D:

But the thing is thats on a regular basis.

Its like buying the Wii and the PS3 we oh so want to have on a regular basis. And am not exaggerating.

People in MMOs can be really over the edge. I dont think am exaggerating.

*wow! another comment that is worthy to become a blog entry :D*