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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Take a Peek at Dragona Online

Dragona: Expedition of Bartan is an upcoming 3D MMORPG that was developed by Liveplex and Studio Timber, and will be published in the Philippines by Gameclub; the publisher of Special Force Online, CrossFire, Twelve Sky 2, Weapons of War and iDate.

Dragona will feature a different type of gameplay and new features such as the Dragon Transformation; which enables players to fuse with the power of the dragons, where they gain incredible boosts which will give them an advantage on battles and quests.

Aside from the Dragon Transformation system, there's also the Auto Notification feature, where it automatically notifies players of incoming new quests, quest updates and Battle Arena announcements.

One of the interesting features is their Player versus Player (PvP) system. Players can participate on the Battle Arena, a skirmish battle that occurs at a particular time everyday and all players can participate on the skirmish. The Battle Arena has two categories, the Battle of Celebration which offers a large scale battle and the Battle of Might where players can compete with a small number of competitors.

The Pre-Beta phase of Dragona Online will start in May 2011, for more details you can visit their website: http://dragona.ph/
You can discuss about Dragona on their Official Forum:

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