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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bringing Games to The Real World

Playing video games can sometimes makes you wonder, can some of these really be possible in the real world? Well one show tried to find out if some of the concepts in the video game world can be applied to the real world.

Roosterteeth, the team behind some of the popular machinimas like Red Vs. Blue unveils a new series called Immersion, which is like the Myth Busters, but for video games.

Immersion covers the what ifs in gaming to the real world such as driving a car in a third person view, making headshots against a horde of zombies, online game trash talk distractions, side scrolling in real life, bringing a ton of weapons in a single run and even how can cosplay girls fight in a battle.

All of those questions will be answered by watching their series, the show is really hilarious especially if you are a true gamer. The show just ended their first season and has already attained millions of view on Youtube. You can watch the first two episodes of Immersion below and the complete first season here.

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