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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dragon Age Joins the Social Game War

You've already heard that Square-Enix just released games for Facebook. But now there's a new game coming to the social network giant. Electronic Arts (EA) will release the strategy role-playing game Dragon Age Legends on Facebook, this is a promotion for the upcoming release of Dragon Age 2 next year.

You will take the role as one of the trusted ally of Ravi, The Viscount of Kaiten, as you ventured into quests, battle Darkspawns (along with your Facebook friends) share loots and you will be able to unlock epic loots for your characters in Dragon Age 2 (for the PC/Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

This isn't the first time EA has developed a browser game for Dragon Age, they also released Dragon Age Journeys as a promotion for the release of Dragon Age: Origins last 2009, completing the flash game will also enable you to import exclusive items to Dragon Age: Origins.

Players can sign in for a beta test at the Dragon Age Legends website and can receive info about the beta release. You can also visit the Official Facebook page here.

Dragon Age Legends will release its full game application on Facebook on Febuary, 2011, Dragon Age 2 will arrive on March 11, 2011

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