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Friday, January 16, 2009

Back to Basics

Video Gaming is one of the most entertaining hobbies for all of us, heck it's the reason why we still play video games until we get old and wrinkly, because it's so darn fun.

We all also have our first times, it can be your first console, first game (be it online or offline), first achievements like beating a game for the first time or collecting all the characters or even performing a super killer combo.

Sometimes we tried to shift to different genres, starting from playing games consoles then shifting to PC games, then it evolve to LAN games and then online games, we did it because we want to experience something different, it's like entering a different territory and then conquering it.

But in the end, we all return from where we started...

After two years of playing, it's time for me to lay down my sword, unload my guns and retire my Blacksword family in Granado Espada

Yes, I'm now retiring from the game, it was a wonderful experience, this is the first MMO that I've been fully dedicated to support till the end. I've met many new friends, became a game mentor, forum community crew, community event organizer and even a blogger. I also made many achievements that I've never attained from previous MMOs

It's really sad that I have to leave this incredible game but sometimes we have to move on, we can't always play GE forever and go back to where it all started: console games

I just finally purchased a PlayStation Portable last January, and I've been hooked into console gaming again
sometimes a gamer will return to their favorite once in a while

So we'll never know if I'll return to Granado Espada in the future....

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OK then~ :D

btw hndi ko rin na2loy kunin wala eh kng sa lugar ko lng maglalaro ung friend ko eh wak na d nako mkkpaglaro rin xD

kaya wala nnmn ulit ang GE~ at balik sa other things na pde gawin

Hmmmm Quit ka? sure ka ba dyan? LOL!!

Welcome to the club then! hehehe!!

Labas labas na lang tau minsan!

Yung French Fries ko ala pa din amfufu!