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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wow I've been blogspotted...part 2

Just recently while leveling my main team, I tried to check to forums for new info. While I'm at it, i just noticed a had a new private message, it's from Miss Kaye~

you can read my blogspotted entry here
you can discuss it here

to my surprise i was blogspotted for the second time, and then I discovered that I was blogspotted from my article about the Olympic costume. It looks like Miss Hrin also read my entry then they tried to talk to IMC if they can implement the costume to GE SEA/ANZ...and guess what..they'll gonna bring the costume here...

for more info you can visit Miss Hrin's blog http://hrin.iahgames.com/

again thanks to Miss Kaye~ and Miss Hrin for blogspotting me
and thanks to NineMoons, Desanggria and co. for supporting my blog and the GE community
and to the fellow viewers who enjoyed my blog entires ^^

okay back to grinding mode ^^