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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Granado Espada PH website is back

Sigh at last..or if we say it in Filipino (Hay sa wakas..)
The Granado Espada Philippines Official Website is back from the grave

as officially announced by CM Veya from her blog: Click here

If some of you remembered that on the early days of GE, the GE ph site has some issues, like the infamous virus website issue where whenever you goggle search the GE PH site, it'll warn you that there's a virus inside the website...you can view the images i posted on the forums a year ago here

Also, another issue with the site was the lack of updates. imagine some links are articles are way dated back on the pre-open beta days.

Okay, let's set aside the past and take a look into the present, the site has a new layout which matches with the Requiem Patch which is pretty good, and some icon links with the GE characters in the pics.

The Head Banner and the Flash Banner

The Icon Links on the sides

and one of the new additions to the site is the RNPC database. Here, you can view their profile, stats and their list of stances available. although some RNPCs have short or no character profile like Gracielo and the Auch Infantry.

Another addition is the update in the list of GE PH bloggers, although some blogs in the lists haven't updated their blogs (like for more than 5 months?) . But looking at the number of blogs, this shows that there still alot of players still enjoying Granado Espada.

Whoopee I'm on the list XD

And the last part, I really laughed at the partners link, like for example at Sterling Papers, As if they have products like notebooks and binders for GE...well yeah they have RAN and Audition notebooks, and they're also from e-games,and even Globe, lol they have a GE text service last year,they say that when you register, they'll give you updates,news and game tips regularly, but up to now there's not a single text from the service, so why bother posting these partners on the site if they don't even endorse the game lol

So overall, the design of the site is pretty good, Great job for Miss Veya and co.
but I do hope hope they continue on updating the site for more news and events,
and I also hope this time, the site won't be close again

Till next time...