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Monday, February 4, 2008

Granado Superstars

The Fantazzztic Film Awards is almost over
and the Nominees will be announce on Febuary 25,2008
and the video entries are getting alot more and more interesting...

... one example is the video created by my fellow factionmates Rivendel, Sigrid and deEspania

It's entitled Granado Superstars
well this video is very original and funny
It's a spoof of American Idol and some popular musicians (F4,Spice Girls,Brittney Spears and many others)
the video's concept is very original, the sequence are well executed
the effects in the video (especially on the Brittany portion lol) are really good
and also with matching karaoke style of subtitled lyrics ^^

so here's the video of Granado Superstars:

and after you enjoyed the video, you can vote for your favorite Granado Superstars here