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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Premium Toolboxes: Good or Bad?

Hello everyone, sorry for the late update...well you know me...
I'm really busy for this year,well it's because of my Thesis, so I'm not that active in GE and with the blog right now. But anyway, I'll try my best to keep you guys updated XD

Miss Hrin mentioned a few days ago in her blog and thru the GE forum about the new Premium Toolboxes. What's inside of the toolboxes? well..you'll be surprise...
Every time you open a toolbox, there's a chance (obviously a small chance) of getting an Elite Recipe depending on what type of Toolbox, it could be an Elite Armor recipe or an Elite Weapon recipe.

The plan of releasing the Premium Toolbox is scheduled on January 31,2008 which is supposively the original scheldule of the release of Tierra De Los Muertos which includes the Baron RNPCs: Kurt Lyndon & Edward Jameson and the new Premium items: Los Toldos Package, Otite perfume & Wheel of Destiny. The new schedule for Tierra De Los Muertos will be on Valentine's Day, Febuary 14,2008. (the scheldule of release might be subject to changes)

So what are the items that you can get aside from the Elite Recipes, here are the items that could be drop from the Toolboxes:

Weapon Toolbox
Recipe - Elite Arondight 1pc.
Recipe - Elite Finisher 1pc.
Recipe - Elite Calabrone 1pc.
Recipe - Elite Bracelet of Sylphide 1pc.
Recipe - Elite Mystic Knife 1pc.
Recipe - Elite Mantis Rod 1pc.
Recipe - Spear of Jiz 1pc.
Recipe - Elite Bracelet of Sylphide 1pc.
Enchantment Chip Level 40 3pcs.
Enchantment Chip Level 84 1pc.
Enchantment Chip Level 88 1pc.
High Quality Wood 8pcs.
Piece of Sapphire 3pcs.
Piece of Emerald 3pcs.
Piece of Ruby 3pcs.
Red Jewel Fragment 3pcs.
Composite Steel 30pcs.
Solvent 5pcs.

Armorsmith Toolbox
Recipe - Elite Plate Mail 1pc.
Recipe - Elite Robe of Neptune 1pc.
Recipe - Elite Striform 1pc.
Recipe - Elite Studded-leather Armor 1pc.
Recipe - Elite Robe of the Yeti 1pc.
Recipe - Elite Robe of the Salamander 1pc.
Recipe - Elite Chain Mail 1pc.
Enchantment Chip Level 40 3pcs.
Enchantment Chip Level 84 1pc.
Piece of Sapphire 3pcs.
Piece of Emerald 3pcs.
Piece of Ruby 3pcs.
Red Jewel Fragment 3pcs.
High Quality Cloth 10pcs.
Red Dye 1pc.
Blue Dye 1pc.
Yellow Dye 1pc.
Mustard Dye 1pc.

Craftsman Toolbox
High Quality Wood 10pcs.
Composite Steel 30pcs.
Soft Leather 10pcs.
High Quality Cloth 10pcs.
Recipe - High Quality Emerald 1pc.
Recipe - High Quality Sapphire 1pc.
Recipe - High Quality Ruby 1pc.
High Quality Emerald 1pc.
High Quality Sapphire 1pc.
High Quality Ruby 1pc.
Mega Ionium 5pcs.
Mega Aidanium 5pcs.
Mega Etretanium 5pcs.
Piece of Sapphire 3pcs.
Piece of Emeral 3pcs.
Piece of Ruby 3pcs.
Solvent 5pcs.
Mana Stone 5pcs.

1 Weapon Toolboxes : 900 GPoints
10 Weapon Toolboxes : 8000 GPoints

1 Armorsmith Toolbox: 900 GPoints
10 Armorsmith Toolboxes : 8000 GPoints

1 Craftsman Toolbox: 700 GPoints
10 Craftsman Toolboxes : 5000 GPoints

Maybe you'll ask me why I put on the title Good or Bad?
It's because this has given mixed reactions in the community, some are opposing this release because they think that it will be pointless to hunt bosses for Elites since you can have the chance of getting an Elite Recipe in the Item Mall and it'll make the rich players more powerful. On the other hand, there are also people who accepts the new premium items with open arms since this can help other players who are unfortunate to get Elites because of their work, time zone differences, etc. and can also drop the selling price (and some overpriced) of Elites that are being sold at the Market Manager.

This can be a dual-edged sword, it can be good, or it can be bad.
But it's still depends on the you if you really want to buy it or just ignore it.

It's all up to you

you can visit Miss Hrin's Blog for full details
and also visit the discussion about the Premium Toolboxes here