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Friday, October 1, 2010

ROGT...What Happened?

Oh before we begin, Let's all wish the Philippine team good luck on the upcoming 2010 Ragnarok World Championship and hope they can bring home the bacon, you can learn more of the details here.

Now back to the topic, what the hell happened to the Ran Online Global Tournament? The last time I heard about this was way back 2008 where the PH team won the tournament, and take note the event was held in the Philippines (more details here), then after the said tournament, there were no news of a 3rd tournament which supposed to have started last year, but from the looks of it, the tournament ceased to exist. The 1st Ran Online Global Tournament started last 2007 with Thailand being the winners.

Funny the same fate happened with Supreme Destiny, during the Supreme Destiny World Championship League last 2008 also with team PH winning the said tournament, but in this case, the Philippine server for Supreme Destiny shuts down a few months after the championship league.

Is there a curse on the Filipino gamers after winning a major global league?, maybe it's the infamous E-Games curse.

So what do you think? hmmmmm



Bah. The worst can be expected from the worst PH gaming company there is! It will be no surprise if ever RAN closes down. RAN players hold your horses I'm not done yet. But as what the famous e-Games once said of ZX, "Nothing lasts forever". BWAHAHAHA!

well that's e-games for you
it's like getting a free sample even if you purchased it XD