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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here Comes a New Fighting Game

Yes folks, there's a new fighting game in the works, as it was announced during a panel discussion with the Street Fighter team at the San Diego Comic Con last weekend.

It all started when Yoshinori Ono (the guy who work on the original Street Fighter series) is having a panel discussion until Katsuhiro Harada (the producer of Tekken) shows up and interrupted the discussion, and after giving away free Tekken 6 games to Street Fighter fans in the room, Harada joined up with Ono to announce their upcoming fighting game project Street Fighter X Tekken, yes folks it's crossover fighting game from two popular fighting game franchise.

Teaser Trailer

They even reveal a teaser trailer of Street Fighter X Tekken to the audience, where they gave a roaring applause on their positive response to the upcoming game. Capcom wasn't new to these kind of crossovers, as they also collaborated with SNK (creators of the King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown) to create a fighting game during the end of the millennium. And Capcom also collaborated with Namco for a crossover Strategy RPG Namco X Capcom.

Gameplay Video

After player the teaser trailer, Ono and Harada also announced the game will have two versions: one will be develop by Capcom (using the SF4 engine) while the other by Namco (Tekken 6 engine). And to prove that the game is already in the works, they popped up a Bluray disc into the PlayStation 3 and showed a playable demo of the game itself.

Panel Discussion Video

As of now there's still no announcement on when the game will be release, probably a few months or a year after the release of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (well it's just a guess)

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