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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Event Aftemath: Otaku Expo 2010

Anime and game lovers are united once again for another major anime/gaming event in the metro, the Otaku Expo 2010. The event was held at the Megatrade Hall 2 in SM Megamall last January 23 and 24, this is the anime magazine Otakuzine's annual event showcasing the hottest to the latest trends in the world of gaming, hobby collection, animes, mangas and cosplay. (Warning: massive load of pictures is just ahead)

Banners around the mall

Event stage

Entrance area

Some notable gaming publishers are present on the event, including Level Up! Games, Run Up Games and E-Games showcasing some of their newest MMOs in the country and also holding mini contest for their ever loyal gamers.

Level Up! Games booth

E-Games booth

Run Up Games booth

Aside from gaming, there are also some booths of anime, manga, action figure merchandise where you can purchase some of them at a very low price (trust me, you'll save a lot of money when you buy at conventions)

Psicom comics booth

Comics and Figures booth


some apparels and other merchandise

And more gundams!!!

more figures too

The famous Pocky sticks with the ever loving merchant girl

Lotsa pins


And of course, any anime/gaming convention is not complete without..the cosplayers, cosplayer from different anime and games showcase their pure awesome costumes and of course their sheer beauty that can make any fanboys and girls drop their jaws.

cosplay group

Casvian Archer

A Casvian cosplayer being mobbed by the onlookers

The Spear Maiden umasked

Battle ready Spear Maiden

Cute Ragnarok Archer

another cosplay group

Dead Fantasy!!!

and another cosplay group

There were also contests being held on the event, from art contest, cosplay competition up to anime singing contest. All in all the event was a blast, it may be a bit crowded in the afternoon but it died down on the evening but still it was still fun. I'll be looking forward again for another event on February..

'till next time...



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