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Sunday, August 2, 2009

4th GE PH Community Gathering Aftermath

Last July 18, 2009, the Granado Espada players once again gathered at Phooze gaming cafe for the 4th Granado Espada Philippine Community Gathering. This is the fourth gathering organized by players since December 2008.

The event started around 12PM and many players attended the said event. Surprisingly, the 4th event has the most number of attendees compared to the previous events, as this event was also promoted by Mistress Hrin on the GE website and by DeSanggria.

And as promised with more activities and prizes, the players really had the blast. Activities include freeplays, contests, raffles and pvp tournament that had a new twist. Participants were able compete well on the tournament despite having new mechanics.

Although the Philippine CM didn't attend the gathering (again), good thing the GMs from E-Games attended and help facilitate the gathering. At the end of the gathering, all players never left the venue empty handed as they took home some prizes.

The 4th gathering was truly a blast and players are now more hungrier for a part five.
But sadly, this will be my last event, as I have don't have enough time to facilitate any future events. But I believe that other players will continue the tradition to keep the community alive.

I'd like to thank all the gamers for their support on the gatherings and to IAH games especially to Mistress Hrin. As I bid farewell to the GE community, I'll be wishing them to have more future gatherings and events.

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Wa you write better than I do. :/ Now I wanna throw away my article. :p

Don't say goodbye~ :x

Aww that's sad, all of the beta members are now slowly leaving. We may have quit, but GE will always live in our hearts! Buti nga ikaw tumagal pa eh, hehe. :)