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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rock Band Unplugged Game Review

Harmonix finally released the portable version of their hit rhythm game Rock Band to the PlayStation Portable, entitled: Rock Band Unplugged.
Hardcore players of DJ Max may feel that Rock Band Unplugged is a easier version of DJ Max
but long time gamers will notice that this game has similarities with Harmonix's previous rhythm games: Frequency and Amplitude

The object of the game is to completing the song by matching the right colored notes at the right time as they scroll down from the screen, unlike the original Rock Band and Guitar Hero where you'll require instrument peripherals to play the game, in Rock Band Unplugged, you'll be using the PSP buttons, but instead of playing one instrument, you'll be playing all FOUR of them. But it doesn't sound hard as you think, as playing a song requires you to complete a phrase of the song per instrument so you can switch to a different instrument.

Aside from the usual Quickplay aka Arcade mode, you can create your own band and start a career in the World Tour mode. This is where you can unlock new songs, outfits for your band and even managers to improve your band performance.

The controls can be customized the way you want and even using the default settings will give you no trouble at all, even playing for long consecutive hours.

Rock Band Unplugged boasts over 40 songs that's a mix of classics to moderns hits from Bon Jovi to Blink 182 and the tracks can be expanded with the games' built-in music store.

One bad thing about Rock Band Unplugged is that there's no multiplayer support, and it really gets lonely when playing alone, hope they add this feature in the future, having a head to head match or even a four player co-op would be a great addition.

Overall, Rock Band Unplugged is a great addition to the portable console, a great franchise and an addictive gameplay will keep players hooked into this game. As well as expanding trackline to that you can purchase from the music store, you'll never get tired of playing it.

So if you're a fan the Rock Band and Guitar Hero (and not tot mention, DJ Max) franchise, then there's no reason not to buy Rock Band Plugged.

Game Rating: 8 out of 10

*Rock Band Unplugged was developed by Backbone Entertainment and published by MTV Games for the PlayStation Portable

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