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Monday, September 1, 2008

A new kind of Signature

If you are a player who visits the GE forums regularly, you've probably noticed those new sigs with different portraits of GE characters like this one
I guess you're wondering how they made those family portraits, well fret not, you can make those from this site:

Main Page

The site is been online for quite some time now.
But before you can create those family portraits, be sure to register at the site first.

There are two kinds of family portraits: the mug shot(V2) and the full body(V1), the pics you usually see are the mugshot ones, I'd prefer the mug shot style if you have lots of characters to add in the portrait, but if you want to show your main team, the full body style can be the top choice

Family Portrait V1 page

Family Portrait V2 page

The instructions there are very easy, you wouldn't get confused in making those portraits
you can also save the URL or even the pic itself so you can edit the pic that suits you the best.
But if you're gonna make a portrait with characters more than 20, be sure to save it first and edit before you post it as your sig in the forums, since the pic will be very long and it won't adjust itself. And sometimes the longer the pic, the smaller its appearance.

So you should edit it like this:


So there you have it, your very own family portrait that you can post on the forums.
Hope you enjoy this cool site.

Till next time....

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