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Thursday, March 13, 2008

One year of Granado Espada

February 17, 2007 the very first day that I tried Granado Espada

thanks to Arvin (Kincaid) for the Close Beta account ^^ i really got hook into GE...

the unique gameplay, the cool soundtracks, the unique world, the ability to collect different rnpcs

that's the mmorpg that I really wanted... new and unique

during the close beta days

personally, this is the longest online game I've ever played
the previous was RF online which I played for 4 months

and now after a year, I'm still playing this game

and some of the reasons why I'm still enjoying GE:

-the game itself is really great
-I've met new friends
-I've already reached veteran status
-I want to collect more rnpcs

the Blacksword Family during open beta

And on top of that, I never expected that I'll be hosting my own blog lol
and now its 3 months old

Since I'm not that interested in blogging at that time
and during my old online gaming days, i'm not that active in forums, in-game events etc.

until now... ^^

The Blacksword Family today

I even became a Faction Leader for quite a while... hehehe

and also after becoming a veteran, many players are now tempting to try GE
well after seeing how cool to wield a rapier and pistol, they tried playing GE and loved it
from players of Ragnarok, RF and Perfect World they all move to GE

now everyone in the shop are playing GE

you can find us at Starberks internet cafe at Jolly dormitory behind Morayta

a very relaxed player indeed

eating while waitng for the next map

wow, so many accomplishments that i made in GE
I've never dreamed that this would happen to my gaming career

and I'd like to thank to all the people that I've met in GE for the past year
It's an honor to meet you guys

the next question for me is: Will I continue playing GE for another year?
well the answer is this: As long as I still enjoy GE, I'll still continue playing

BTW happy one year anniversary to NineMoons ^^



congrats for reaching one year in this game!

and thanks!

hoi richard bawal mag-quit ngayong nasa OC ka na! bwahahaha!!

seriously, gratz for playing GE for 1yr! i hope you'll find the game more enjoyable. nakakatuwa mga ka-shop mo mga adek na rin. hahahaha!!

i'm very thankful to have met you in the bloggers meet & in caracci. mas masaya mag-adek when u have a lot of friends. ^_^

Hindi ko mahanap ang Starberks sa Morayta